12 things to do before buying international air tickets

A key issue to address by any individual seeking to embark on an international trip will be how to buy his or her flight ticket. This therefore implies that the cost of your ticket will form a major part of your budget plan. Hence, the need to surf the internet for online tickets or scout for reliable and affordable flights becomes imperative.

Flight attendants, ticketing/reservation officers and aviation experts interviewed by this correspondent at the Murtala Muhammed International Airport, Lagos, say prospective international travellers must know how to go about getting affordable tickets in order to save cash.

Below are 12 things to know before buying that international air ticket, according to experts:

1. Carefully outline your journey

The first thing to do, experts say, is to investigate thoroughly where you are going to and outline how you intend getting there. They note that international carriers often fly into the capital cities of most countries.

This however, does not rule out the fact that there are other internationally certified airports where some airlines go to. A flight attendant at MMIA, who simply identified herself is Adelyne, says many international travellers often make the mistake of flying directly to capital cities whereas they can get flights to their destinations.

2. Research prices

It is important for international travellers to compare prices both online and with ticketing and reservation officers of airlines. Check the websites of various international airlines and research through flight scanner sites. Experts say you may also contact an agent, because you never know where you may get the best fare. According to them, you may also consider travelling with a carrier with good records. They note that some developed nations have low cost carriers that can be found online.

3. Take advantage of online tickets

A Lagos-based aviation consultant and former President, National Cabin Crew Association of Nigeria, Mr. Olumide Ohunayo, says that travellers should take advantage of the occasionally reduced amount of fares online. Experts note that some airlines during promotions, reduce the amount which their tickets are sold. Experts say that these reductions are often reflected in the cost of online tickets.


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