New Blackberry Empathy

The Blackberry Empathy concept phone comes with a biometrics ring that detects the mood of both parties which is very interesting to me. Additionally the Empathy is normally crystal clear when inactive and changes to black when in put in use. Very impressive to say the least.

Another spicy feature is how this phone is charged. With the phone you also get a power mat that lets you sit your Empathy and biometrics ring for charging purposes.

This new Blackberry Empathy comes with all full necessary Accessories and come with 1years warranty and 7month return policy.

New Blackberry Empathy cost about $550USD.


IMAGES: http://www.techfuture.com/ http://www.forum.dailymobile.net


Apple iOS 6 starts seeding to iDevices around the globe

Apple has just started seeding its latest iOS 6 to iDevices around the globe. If you own a 4S, 4, 3GS oriPad 2, new iPad and iPod Touch you can expect to get the update in the following hours.

This is the first iOS release that’s available over the air so you can check the Software update menu on your eligible device. You can also check for the update from your computer, but you’ll need the latest iTunes (v10.7) installed.

The update might take a while depending on where you are. If you know your Apple stuff you should know that the main features in iOS 6 are the brand new Maps app with free voice-guided navigation, which replaces Google Maps, Facebook integration and a more functional Siri. Here’s our iOS 6 previewif you want to check out what else has changed.


iPhone 5 mini dock USB cable photo leaked

The next generation in Apple USB connector cables has appeared in a relatively clear photo presented to the world hoping for every detail they can get on the iPhone 5 – another piece of Apple hardware that’s not yet even been announced by the manufacturer. Rumors up to this point have converged on a new dock connector for the new iPhone, a newly improved iPad 3, and an iPad mini, each of them with the same port for a 16-pin cord. This cord appears to have two sides, each of them with 8 pins that are able to face upwards or downwards interchangeably.


The photo appears to show a scannable code for the USB connector end of the cord and a brand new (familiar) connector on its opposite end. This cord doesn’t appear to be a standard length, strangely enough, or it certainly doesn’t seem to match the length of the cords currently appearing in iPhone and iPad boxes in stores at this moment. Because of this, we’re going to go ahead and guess that this is a 3rd party component cord leaked from a manufacturer who has Apple’s plans well in advance of the final reveal.


English: An Apple iPod/iPhone dock pictured wi...

English: An Apple iPod/iPhone dock pictured with 2 dock adapters. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


Apple’s 30-pin connector is not restricted to construction by Apple alone at the moment, appearing in connection kits of all kinds across the Apple-loving accessory spectrum. You’re currently able to head out to your local department store and pick up a wide variety of 3rd party iPhone, iPad, and iPod connection cords, so a future cord made by a group other than Apple is certainly within the realm of possibility.





Nigeria leads Africa’s Internet speed rankings

WITH an average speed of 322kbps, and a peak rate of 5,674kbps, Nigeria has been ranked as the country with the fastest Internet speed in Africa.

According to latest Internet publication by Akamai Technologies Global Internet Platform, Nigeria has surpassed South Africa in terms of speed.

The body explained that Nigeria has an average connection speed of 322kbps with a peak rate of 5674kbps. But while South Africa’s average speed is faster at 496kbps, the country’s peak speed is only half that of Nigeria, at 2172kbps.

The report stressed that all mobile providers have average peak connection speed of over two mbps, though last place South African provider, ZA-1 was just above the threshold, losing over 13 per cent from the prior quarter, at 2.2 mbps.

Furthermore, the report noted that in 2011, South Africa was one of only two countries listed in the report with an average peak connection speed of below two mbps. It explained that South Africa had average 442kbps over Nigeria’s 286kbps. It said Nigeria has now surpassed South Africa with peak 4871kbps and average 462mbps per month.

The report also stated that Internet speed across the globe improved, adding that all 117 countries that qualified for inclusion measured an increase in average connection speeds.

According to it, the gain in average speed however was not uniform, as Montenegro grew by 0.2 per cent to 2.8 mbps, while Libya measured a 75 per cent increase for a speed of 0.5 mbps.

However, despite the new ranking, huge amount of bandwidth capacities still lies fallow at the Nigerian shore.

The minister of Communications Technology, Mrs. Omobola Johnson said in Abuja   recently that over 7.78 terabytes of Internet capacity was lying untapped at the shores of the country, even as Internet penetration in the country remained abysmally low.

Image representing Akamai as depicted in Crunc...

Image via CrunchBase

Johnson said unless the capacity was connected to the hinterlands through last-mile connectivity, it would remain a challenge for the country in getting the capacity inland and that Internet penetration in the country would also remain a challenge.

The minister said number of Internet users in the country was about 52 million, while Internet subscription was about 3.6 per cent, while she put penetration is 33 per cent.


IMAGE:  http://www.blogneffy.blogspot.com

Nigeria admitted into global space agencies union

Nigeria Sat-2 captures Olympic sites

FOLLOWING the successful launch of Nigeria Sat-X and Nigeria Sat-2 into orbit by the National Space Research and Development Agency (NASRDA), Nigeria has been admitted into the distinguished radio-frequency union of global space agencies, popularly known as the Global Space Frequency Co-ordination Group (SFCG).

According to a statement made available to The Guardian yesterday and signed by the Head Media and Corporate Affairs of NASRDA, Abuja, Mr. Felix Ale, the successful admission of Nigeria into the global body is essentially in recognition of the success story of the space agency and the successful implementation of Nigeria Space Agenda thus far.

Besides, NASRDA has been applauded by the international community for the successful image capture of the Olympics site in the United Kingdom (UK) by NigeriaSat-2 satellites. According to reports, the Nigeria Sat-2 is among the few satellites that have clearly captured images of the Olympic sites shortly after its official opening ceremony in London.

The clear image, which is one of the several local and international images captured so far by the satellite since its successful launch, has been described as heart-warming and an attestation to the high resolution and capacities of the satellites.

Director-General of NASRDA, Dr. Seidu Mohammed, expressed delight over the admission, saying it has again underscored and justified the wise investment of the government and the people of Nigeria in Space Science and Technology.

Mohammed described the space frequency co-ordination group as a distinguished radio-frequency union of space agencies and related national and international organisations through which global space systems spectrum resources are judiciously used for the benefit of humanity.

He said Nigeria’s admission into this highly-rated international body is indeed a global recognition that will further create an enabling environment for interaction between Nigeria and her counterparts across the globe in the field of space science and technology.

The SFCG was formed during the 1979 General World Administration Radio Conference. Membership is subject to process of nomination, seconding and approval by substantive SFCG members, and NASRDA has become the first African space agency to be admitted on the floor of the SFCG.


IMAGE: http://www.satnews.com

Apple ordered to run Samsung ‘did not copy iPad’ adverts..

A UK judge has ordered Apple to publish announcements that Samsung did not copy the design of its iPad, according to the Bloomberg news agency.

It said the judge said one notice should remain on Apple’s website for at least six months, while other adverts should be placed in various newspapers and magazines.

It follows the US company’s failed attempt to block sales of the South Korean firm’s Galaxy Tab tablets.

Apple has not commented on the news.

The order did not feature in Judge Colin Birss’s judgement published on 9 July, but Bloomberg said the matter was discussed in the court following the verdict.

It said the notices must make reference to the court case and should be designed to “correct the damaging impression” that Samsung’s tablets had aped the look of Apple’s products.Image representing iPad as depicted in CrunchBase

“They do not have the same understated and extreme simplicity which is possessed by the Apple design,” said the judge at the time.

Marissa Mayer Is Yahoo’s New CEO

Marissa Mayer, a 13-year veteran of Google, is Yahoo’s new CEO, the company announced on Monday.

Mayer’s appointment comes after a revolving door of chief executives at the company including, most recently, Scott Thompson, who stepped down in May after a scandal involving his doctored resume.


Mayer, 37, was employee number 20 at Google and was a crucial asset to the search giant, introducing more than 100 features and products to the site during her tenure. In October 2010, Mayer, who held the title VP of Search Product, began overseeing location and local services at the company.

An engineer by trade, Mayer was among the top echelon at Google with access to company co-founders Larry Page and Sergey Brin.Image representing Yahoo! as depicted in Crunc...

For Yahoo, the appointment is another shot at reinvention after a slew of would-be turnaround experts including Carol Bartzand Thompson, who’s short tenure was marked by a proxy war with Dan Loeb, an activist investor.