Radiation Hazard, a High Health Risk

Radiological energy is one of the methods of treating some diseases requiring radiotherapy, but besides treatment, the method can cause other complications in the body, writes Steve Dada The World Health Organisation (WHO) recently revealed that exhaust fumes from diesel engine could cause cancer. In a report by a WHO expert group, fumes from the exhaust were categorised as cancer causing agent, especially lung cancerand may also cause tumours in the bladder. It based the findings on research in high-risk workers such as miners, railway workers and truck drivers. However, the panel said everyone should try to reduce their exposure to diesel exhaust fumes. The International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC), an affiliate of the WHO, had previously labelled diesel exhaust as probably carcinogenic to humans. IARC has now labelled exhaust as a definite cause of cancer, although it does not compare its risk levels. Diesel exhaust is now in the same group as carcinogens ranging from wood chipping to plutonium and sunlight to alcohol. It is thought that people working in cancer-risk industries have about 40 per cent increased risk of developing lung cancer. Dr. Christopher Portier, who led the assessment, said: ‘’The scientific evidence was compelling

Clinical Lung Cancer

Clinical Lung Cancer (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

and the working group’s conclusion was unanimous, diesel engine exhaust causes lung cancer in humans. There are other human made items that are capable of causing other diseases, but not known to man. The only thing that is incontrovertible is the fact that some diseases that were alien to man in the past are becoming increasingly feasible, as major cause of deaths, yet no solution. It might even have to do with what man consumes.


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