The Federal Government has committed the sum of N460 million for the implementation of the national cassava value chain programme , aimed at maximizing cassava industrial potentials.

Meanwhile, the Lagos state government has assured graduates of course I and II of its Agricultural Youth Empowerment Scheme, AGRIC-YES, that their empowerment fund would be ready soon for disbursement as its being delay as a result of due process.

On the cassava value chain programme, Minister for Agriculture and Rural Development, Dr. Akinwunmi Adeshina, disclosed the amount at the flag off of cassava value chain programme in Lagos held at Lagos State Agricultural Training Institute, Araga, Epe.

The programme which came under National Agricultural Transformation Agenda, ATA, saw the distribution of 25,000 cassava bundles to benefitting registered crop farmers in the state. About 200 out of 34,000 registered crop farmers received their cassava bundles at ceremony.

The flag-off was the second in the series of the intervention under the Growth Enhancement Support Scheme.  The industrial uses along the value chain include: High Quality Cassava Floue, HQCF, for the replacement of up to 20 percent wheat flour in bread with cassava.

Native and modified starches for industrial uses to replace corn starch imports. Dried chips for support and livestock feed production as well as external demand of cassava for industrial use such as large ethanol production
Sweeteners- High Fructose Cassava Syrup, HFCS: for sugar requirement for soft drink bottlers and juice manufacturers in Nigeria estimated at 200,000 tons of sugar per annum. A replacement of half of this by HFCS from cassava would create a 10,0000 ton demand.

Cassava bread

Cassava bread (Photo credit: IITA Image Library)

Fuel Ethanol, E10,policy in Nigeria; the policy of blending gasoline with 10 percent ethanol that represents a potential 1billion litres per annum market of fuel ethanol and, assuming 50 percent of feedstock comes from cassava, a new raw material requirement of 1.7 million tons of dried chips is required.




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