Nigeria admitted into global space agencies union

Nigeria Sat-2 captures Olympic sites

FOLLOWING the successful launch of Nigeria Sat-X and Nigeria Sat-2 into orbit by the National Space Research and Development Agency (NASRDA), Nigeria has been admitted into the distinguished radio-frequency union of global space agencies, popularly known as the Global Space Frequency Co-ordination Group (SFCG).

According to a statement made available to The Guardian yesterday and signed by the Head Media and Corporate Affairs of NASRDA, Abuja, Mr. Felix Ale, the successful admission of Nigeria into the global body is essentially in recognition of the success story of the space agency and the successful implementation of Nigeria Space Agenda thus far.

Besides, NASRDA has been applauded by the international community for the successful image capture of the Olympics site in the United Kingdom (UK) by NigeriaSat-2 satellites. According to reports, the Nigeria Sat-2 is among the few satellites that have clearly captured images of the Olympic sites shortly after its official opening ceremony in London.

The clear image, which is one of the several local and international images captured so far by the satellite since its successful launch, has been described as heart-warming and an attestation to the high resolution and capacities of the satellites.

Director-General of NASRDA, Dr. Seidu Mohammed, expressed delight over the admission, saying it has again underscored and justified the wise investment of the government and the people of Nigeria in Space Science and Technology.

Mohammed described the space frequency co-ordination group as a distinguished radio-frequency union of space agencies and related national and international organisations through which global space systems spectrum resources are judiciously used for the benefit of humanity.

He said Nigeria’s admission into this highly-rated international body is indeed a global recognition that will further create an enabling environment for interaction between Nigeria and her counterparts across the globe in the field of space science and technology.

The SFCG was formed during the 1979 General World Administration Radio Conference. Membership is subject to process of nomination, seconding and approval by substantive SFCG members, and NASRDA has become the first African space agency to be admitted on the floor of the SFCG.




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