Food, drink manufacturers tasked on waste reduction

Food and drink manufacturers have been urged to reduce wastes. This can  be achieved  by  becoming more resource efficient, said Prof Tola Atinmo.

Atinmo, who spoke with The Nation, said reducing the amount of food wastes saves resources and money. He said improving resource efficiency and reducing  consumption of materials should become an everyday practice for food and drink businesses.

He  said  an increase in the availability of smaller packs, clearer date labelling and improved storage and freezing guidance would help food  manufacturers  to  reduce food  wastes.

Calling for a significant reduction in the wastes companies send to landfills, Atinmo said waste reduction makes good business sense – in terms of reducing factory inefficiencies.

He said it is also a right thing to do on environmental grounds.

Atinmo, who is the president, African Nutrition Societies (ANS), said   food and packaging wastes generated at factories could  be  recycled and put to better use.




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