‘Diminishing conventional brand communication, bane of businesses’

The Chief Executive Officer of Poise Nigeria Limited, a Lagos-based firm that specialises in the business of Total Personality Development and Business Image Consultancy, Mrs Mari Isibor, has identified decline in the effectiveness of conventional forms of brand communication via advertising and public relation as one of the major problems hindering more customer-dominated business climate.

Isibor, who made this submission in Lagos at a brand communicatiopn summit, in collaboratrion with London Metropolitan University with a view to having an expository session on creating a consonance between the brand and the manner it is communicated; said a research had proven that the traditional forms of advertising awee failing to impress the targeted audience due to poor brand communication  management.

“A brand is not a slogan, it is the way a company behaves, and how the customers perceive the organisation.  And to maintain a strong brand, it must be  built from inside out.  Employees have the power to either reinforce or break a brand’s promise every time they interact with a customer, shareholder or even another employee,” she added.


IMAGES: http://www.teresapangan.com/


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