Peacekeeping and Humanitarian Relief Employment Opportunities

Dear students and others interested in working in the field of peacekeeping and humanitarian relief:

Greetings. Students often ask about employment and volunteer opportunities in the general areas of humanitarian relief, peacekeeping, conflict resolution, and related fields. Since essentially all POTI students are interested in professional development and careers in these fields, we are glad to share with you the names and links of organizations where such opportunities may be found. POTI students should be clear at the outset that the completion of POTI courses does not in any way ensure future employment. Our POTI Certificates of Completion are widely recognized as a demonstration of knowledge in a subject, and students are encouraged to list their POTI courses on job applications, including the official United Nations Personal History P11 form. POTI provides training and we are glad to guide our students in how to seek employment, but POTI is not part of the United Nations and we do not serve as a career placement agency. We do not accept job applications here.

Students should understand that employment opportunities with the United Nations are not easy to obtain. There will be periods when new missions are being mounted and there will be a need to recruit personnel, while at other times there may be no new missions and perhaps even some being concluded and resulting in an overage of available and experienced people to serve on missions. There are many individuals who wish to acquire such jobs and the assignment of individuals to these jobs can have many unpredictable aspects. However, if you are willing to be patient and also expand your job search to include both the United Nations as well as other organizations, there can be opportunities.

So, with that understood:

You might also consider volunteering with the UN Volunteers for deployment on a UN mission. This will be entry-level service and you will be on a UN Mission and in a group. Get information on how to volunteer through UNV.

Relief Web covers the area of humanitarian relief in general terms and also lists employment opportunities and maintains a current list of specific jobs.English: A United Nations peacekeeper from Nor...

If you are willing to work for humanitarian organizations and other organizations both in the US and world-wide there is a long list of job opportunities atIdealist. Many of these jobs will be outside what you might have originally considered but I do encourage you to look through it.




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