Sony Xperia SL LT26ii might bring a CPU upgrade

Last week , a Sony Xperia SL LT26ii showed up on the Indonesia‘s version of the FCC. The site offered no info on its specs, but immediately there were speculation that the SL will be to the Xperia S as the arc S was to the Xperia arc.

A reliable tipster got in touch to confirm that this will be the case. The Sony Xperia SL will offer a CPU bump as well as a new colour.

This is exactly what happened when the Xperia arc S launched, it had a 1.4GHz processor and new Pure White and Gloss Black colours. This compared to the older 1GHz Xperia arc that was only available in Midnight Blue and Misty Silver. We don’t know whether the Xperia SL will launch with a higher clocked S3 Snapdragon chipset or whether it will move to the S4 Snapdragon chipset (MSM8960), so time will tell on that one. We have also heard that the Sony Xperia P will get a new colour, although timelines remain a mystery.




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